WuvLuv Designs is dedicated to supporting certified 501 c(3) pet charities. 5% of our net profits will be distributed to the following charities that we support:

Persian and Himalayan Cat Rescue

Founded in 1990, this charity helps with the placement and care of Persian cats. It is a charity that holds a very special place in my heart. I adopted my cats, Buffy and Wednesday, from Wanda Roe. I have been a private supporter of this charity for over 15 years.

Friends of Long Beach Animals

For over 20 years, this charity has helped animals in the Long Beach community. It is is a charity supported by Melisa Hicks. As a local resident in Long Beach, it is very important to me to give back to our community.


Two years ago, my friends and I started the concept of creating a pet charity called “Food4Paws” to provide pet food to needy families. You cannot be an animal lover without being deeply touched by abandoned pets from the financial crisis. This charity aims at keeping pets at home by providing the necessary food and veterinary assistance. The local shelters are simply overcrowded. We need a long term solution to keep pets with their loving families.

Our legal documents for the 501c(3) non-profit filing have already been completed by donation from a local law firm. We are looking for funding and volunteers to get this filed and launched. To learn more about how you can help, please contact

Other Charities

If you are interested in donating to other pet charities, please offer your suggestions to

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